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  • 101 Projects for Your Porsche Cayman
    This is an essential reference book for any Porsche Cayman owner (2005 to 2008/2012)
  • Porsche Cayman Gas Cap Replacement
    The replacement of the Porsche Cayman gas cap is very simple. Reasons Requiring the Porsche Cayman Gas Cap Replacement With age and use, the Porsche Cayman Gas Cap will experience wear or cracking. This results in an uneven seal to the gas tank and EVAP canister. CEL (Check Engine Light) If you are driving your … Read more
  • Best Battery for your Porsche Cayman
    You need to choose the best battery for your Porsche Cayman. Your Porsche Cayman Battery is the heart of your entire electrical system. Changing your Porsche Cayman battery is not difficult and it is very easy to install. The Best Battery for your Porsche Cayman is an AGM Battery You should replace the Cayman 987/987.2 … Read more
  • Porsche Wheel Center Cap Alignment
    Porsche has a very specific format for Porsche wheel center cap alignment. Across all product lines and models, Porsche has a unique solution for the correct alignment of the Porsche wheel center capd. It is common at PCA or “Cars & Coffee” events that someone (with OCD) goes around inspecting all Porsche cars on this … Read more
  • Best Spark Plugs for your Porsche Cayman
    The best spark plugs for your Porsche Cayman are from the original OEM Spark Plug manufacturer for Porsche Cayman. Bosch is the OEM manufacturer for the Porsche Cayman Spark Plugs. We run Bosch Spark Plugs in all our Cayman and recommend them highly. YEAR Model Bosch 2006 3.4L S Hatchback 2-Door Buy at Amazon 2007 2.9L Base … Read more